Alexa Dungeon Adventure

Dungeon Adventure is a voice controlled dungeon crawling role-playing game (RPG) for the Amazon Echo (Alexa). Will your character survive and save the town from the Evil Necromancer?

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Alexa Dungeon Adventure
Kickin' it old school RPG style with new tech!

Dungeon Adventure is available on any Amazon Echo device!

Just say, "Alexa, enable Dungeon Adventure."

Then whenever you want to start playing just say, "Alexa, start Dungeon Adventure."

Dungeon Adventure RPG

Can you survive and find the Evil Necromancer and kill him to save the town?

Check out some of what you can do in Dungeon Adventure!

Create a character

You will roll up your characters attributes like strength, dexterity, intelligence and others!

Purchase from the town

Purchase Weapons, Armors, Potions and Spells for your character to use in their adventure!

Fight Monsters, Cast Spells, Drink Potions

Attack monsters and get their gold, cast spells, drink potions, complete side quests and more!

Open Chests

Open chests to find more gold and if you're lucky potions, spells, magical weapons and items

We new adventurers!